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The Help foundation department is made by WebPage Design Studio’s gift, and the company donates 40% income every month to the Help foundation department as Support.

Target of The Help foundation.
Countrywide Health Initiative for poor children education and poor people foods.it’s for child learning help and hungry foods help, also known as Help foundation is a non-profit, non-government, non-political voluntary welfare organization working for individuals with special needs. Our operations started in 2018

We are committed to work relentlessly to eradicate disability discrimination and promote an inclusive society both in academic and work environment. Our goal is to create mass awareness about both physical and mental health so individuals affected are no longer stigmatized and marginalized.

A countrywide initiative for helping children, youth & adults with special needs, providing them education, training and giving them support for developing their physical, emotional, intellectual, educational and spiritual health by using innovative and updated methodology.

We are grateful for the many ways our donors support the Help foundation of Bangladesh. We deeply appreciate your Gift/donation.
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Target of The Help foundation

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